Oct 30, 2007

Holiday Cheer and Cheap Toys

In the latest issue of Mothering Magazine there is an article about the plastics in toys. I sent it to the grandparents and encourage you to check it out. As a new parent, there is some anxiety about Christmas presents and cheap plastic stuff from big box stores. I confess that most of my cheap plastic related shopping is at thrift stores - with no recalls. I am hoping for a holiday of locally made wooden toys. What is even better, would be to participate in an alternative gift fair.

An alternative gift fair is where you can take the $$ you'd spend on stuff and donate it to charity in the name of gift receiver. Instead of spending $20 on a Barbie fluff your hair kit, donate $20 to Catholic Charities of Idaho in the name of that child. What a very cool idea.

Lately, Ren's fav toys are pretty simple and, well, almost free. Topping list are:
  • crinkly paper (tissue paper mainly)
  • plastic hanger
  • puff ball made of yarn
  • any piece of clothing nearby
  • her own toes or stocking feet
In fact, here she is hard at play...

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Jessie said...

:) she is so sweet! And very observant!