Oct 13, 2011

Thursday school

The theme was Catch and was based on the gospel story of Jesus sending Peter and Andrew back out to the lake to catch fish. Of course, they'd been out all night and were tired. (I can empathize.) But they did it anyway. Their nets were overflowing!! Jesus commanded them to follow him and they did.

The kids are "fishing" for the letters in their names by using poles made of sticks that have magnets on the end. The fish have paperclips so the magnets attach. Don't be fooled, this was EC's idea. All great ideas come from someone else.

These were the blankets and pillows that were the boat and nets.

Practicing catching. EC can sure multitask. I want to be her when I grow up!

The letter C is tricky for early writers. We used Handwriting Without Tears' Magic C song and wrote it in the sky, then on a wipeboard, and, finally, in salt. Then they created all kinds of wonderful things and places in the salt. No, I don't keep it afterward. I figure it cleans my drain.

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