Oct 10, 2011


We read about Jesus calling the 12 Disciples in the gospels. Then we worked on "D" for disciple and talked about how Jesus called them not to catch fish but to be "fishers of men." Slightly confusing verbage for the kiddo, but we talked about sharing Jesus in the hearts of others - that is how we cast our line.

Thanks to Lacy at Catholic Icing for sharing this great craft! Click on Catholic Icing in the favorites for more of her great stuff.

12 Disciples plus Jesus. Ren continued to great the women who followed Jesus. It was not complete without girls!! (Ok, there were 12 at one point...only 11 made the picture. Used Matthias instead of Judas -- maybe this was in between)

After that we did Matman and a couple alphabet connect the dot pages (thanks Grandma C).

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