May 1, 2010


Yes, the "quack quack" kind. Kevin noticed a fuzzy duckling cruising across our patio this afternoon. This is a dangerous thing - we have have a strange abundance of neighborhood cats and this little dude didn't stand a chance. Of course, we were heading out the door. K caught it and we put it with a couple of worms in our emptied recycle bin. I listed it for free on craigslist because I didn't really want to own and raise a duck.

The strangest thing is: how did it get here? We live a couple hundred yards from a pond, but it is way too far for a duckling to wander. And it would have gone by the neighbors with the cat fetishes. We called friends with 4-H connections and eventually met this great family that had a pond and kids and wonderful excitement for a duckling. God gathers people together in such funny ways!

Ren was sad to see the duckling go, but we are relieved to not have to buy duck chow. Have a happy life Duck!

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